Sewer and Gas Line Repairs in Denton and Collin County, Texas

Regain safe and efficient use of your sewage lines with sewer line repairs from Always Available Discount Plumbers, Inc. in Plano, Texas. We use a camera to detect clogs and damages in sewer lines and then proceed to clean or repair the problem. Full sewer line replacement is also within our capabilities.

Hydro Jet Cleaning

Get your pipes flowing as freely as when they were first installed. Our hydro jet cleaning service scours the inside of your sewer lines to rid them of grease, hair, and other buildup.

Slab Leak Detection

Keep your home's foundation intact with regular slab leak detection services. We assess the soil around your home and look for cracks in the foundation identifying any risks that may cause costly flooding damages and foundation repairs.

Gas Lines

When corrosion or rust has gotten the best of your gas lines, call us for immediate response to protect your family from the harmful effects of gas fumes. We make timely repairs to gas lines and also install new lines if needed.